Field of Lavender

Doterra Essential Oils

What are essential oils? Essential oils are the essence of a plant, a gift from the earth, distilled and prepared for you to bring the power of nature into your home.

Inside many plants—hidden in roots, seeds, flowers, bark—are concentrated, highly potent chemical compounds. These natural compounds are essential oils.

Essential oils give a plant its scent, protect it from hazardous environmental conditions, and even assist it with pollination, among other important functions and benefits.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

When you open a bottle of pure, unadulterated essential oil, your senses are instantly filled with its potent aroma, even from a distance. What your nose detects are the naturally occurring elements of the essential oil.

Every essential oil varies in its natural makeup, so aromas and benefits are also unique. For example, Lavender oil includes elements that make it effective for soothing skin irritations, reducing anxiousness and feelings of tension, and promoting a restful environment for sleep.

For me (Linda speaking), I used Onguard to assist with my internal healing by taking one drop of Doterra Onguard three times a day in four ounces of water.  This helped  to stave off  measles, mumps and a sore throat.  I also used Doterra Onguard to gargle and assist in healing my sore throat especially at night.  See our Blog Page on this website for recipes for Doterra Onguard gargle water.

I used a combination of Doterra Tea Tree, Doterra Lavender and coconut oil for my measles outbreaks.  This combination I call  “Angela’s Oil” because my niece Angela came up with this recipe.  See the Blog Page on this website for her recipe.  

What Are Essential Oils Good For?

Since long ago, people have used essential oils and plant parts to improve their health and physical well-being. We’ve continued to explore their benefits today, finding that essential oils can be integrated into daily life for a plethora of purposes.

Curious about how you might use essential oils in your everyday life? Essential oils can be used to