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This blog is in honor if my mother, Linda, who was severely injured by an MMR vaccine more than twenty-six years ago! I love her dearly, and it has pained me to see her go through the devastating effects of the vaccine. However, after hundreds and hundreds of episodes of measles and mumps, throughout those 26 years, she is now in recovery!

Why did she take the vaccine in the first place you may be wondering? She was attending Kennesaw State University in Georgia.  Because of an outbreak of meningitis in the area, the university mandated that everyone take the MMR vaccine or they could not to attend the university.

You can check out her story and progress through the years on the “My Vaccine Story” page of this website. Here she gives a short overview and also a complete history as she shares her journey along her “Path to Healing.”

Our hope is to help others who may be struggling with the same side effects my mom did. Education and research is the key!  We are not anti-vaccine, but we advocate education for those interested in the risks and benefits of vaccines. Our main focus will be on adult vaccines, but we’ll also include information about childhood vaccines.

Our mission statement is as follows; “We incorporate a holistic approach to healing from vaccines as we communicate, educate, and liberate ourselves from the devastating effects of vaccines in our lives.”

Thank you for your support, sharing your stories, and your comments!


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